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Welcome! My name is Keegan and I install, configure, secure, and maintain computer systems, websites, and APIs. I am deeply passionate about information security and data management. Careful Data is the focus of my IT related freelance work. I can manage cloud instances, virtual and physical UNIX or GNU/Linux systems, and use them to help you or your business. In addition to the products hosted through me, I am happy to help you with other systems. Don't hesitate to reach out to me at

- Open source, globally vetted core code
- Continuous review, patching, and hardening
- Monitoring and scanning for issues
- High availability, backup, redundancy options

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Public keys, if needed to send me private messages:

public pgp key

public age key: age1lq9732ssq60r8mmn7pr5y968jlpwndt5gd4mgwueljhld5szq5mq2ufm5v

Either AGE/RAGE and/or PGP/GPG encryption of private messages to me is fine.