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Welcome! My name is Keegan and I install, configure, secure, and maintain computer systems, websites, and APIs. I am deeply passionate about information security and data management. Careful Data is the focus of my IT related freelance work. I can manage cloud instances, virtual and physical UNIX or GNU/Linux systems, and use them to help you or your business. In addition to the products hosted through me, I am happy to help you with other systems. Don't hesitate to reach out to me at

- Open source, globally vetted core code
- Continuous review, patching, and hardening
- Monitoring and scanning for issues
- High availability, backup, redundancy options

Competitor pricing is often in the ball park of $2,000/month or $30,000/year. Careful Data cuts the cost to something reasonable so businesses of all sizes and individuals can afford enterprise grade privacy. Get secure storage for just $15/month with the Standalone Transfer Portal SFTP or upgrade to any scale or compliance level. Add a load balancer cloud or monitoring to any solution, whether that is load balancing and monitoring of an EaaS API and Transfer Portal, or a service not hosted through Careful Data, or both.

Privacy Policy: We don't store or track your personal data at The web page you are on doesn't track or store your data.

With years of experience supporting international enterprise scale customers, banks, retailers, and private organizations, Careful Data is ready to support mission critical systems. Careful Data is also happy to help individuals and families succeed in storing private information.

How we do this.

No hype, just fast and reliable infrastructure and code.

Careful Data provides encryption as a service and secure data movement for any systems, groups, or individual. Careful Data provides and configures tools that can be used to protect data with professional grade secure communications and storage. Amount and duration of storage is decided during requirements phase, but is typically at least 12 gigabytes per account. Any compliance considerations are built into the account requirements. Careful Data support for PCI and HIPAA compliance involves third parties hired by Careful Data to maintain the compliance and work with auditors. Careful Data is consulting services provided by Keegan Bowen. Datacenters used for hosting are hired by Careful Data, with the costs of hosting built into the Careful Data subscription.

Strong security and data management, without inflated costs.

There is no magic bullet for security, or easy way to be secure, it takes diligence and care to succeed at defense in depth, regardless of who you are or how many resources you have. Careful Data is about assisting in that effort, advising on best practices as well as striving to help you meet the security needs for your situation.

Beyond the EaaS API and Transfer Portal, we also can help evaluate business data and security. All work is done by contacting Careful Data via email and scheduling time for services. It costs you nothing until we agree on the requirements!

Getting an EaaS API and Transfer Portal account is not just encryption as a service. You get a dedicated human to help you along the way with your account.

When your account is set up, the API will be customized for your account needs. If during the requirements phase we find that Careful Data is not the solution to your problem, we won't open an account and it won't cost you anything. When an account is created, we are business partners and will work with you as agreed upon to meet the account requirements. Once an account is open, the documentation for the account will be provided to you in pdf and text format, encrypted if you like.

The Transfer Portal is an SFTP server used to transfer and store files that has an optional web download site. Username and password or key authentication is required to access the account Transfer Portal and both the EaaS API and Transfer Portal access can be IP filtered.

Transfer Portal standard features:

- Job scheduling. Run automation at scheduled times.

- Transfer Portal SFTP accounts for download and/or upload.

- GET your encrypted data after authenticating against the Transfer Portal.

- Use a web browser to access the Transfer Portal for download.

API standard features:

- Encrypt content on Transfer Portal SFTP site.

- Generating openssl content such as RSA keys, ECC keys, CSRs, or self signed certificates.

- Specify which key to use to encrypt with.

- Generate PGP encryption keys.

- Password (symmetric) encryption.

- Block and allow lists of IPs to your account Transfer Portal and EaaS API.

- Message authenticity checking CGI.

Dedicated Load Balancer Cloud standard features:

- Self healing private cloud with kubernetes and/or dedicated hardware.

- Provide extra layer of security controls.

- Load balance traffic to the EaaS API, Transfer Portal, or any web system.

- Pair with EaaS API account and get 2 additional dedicated API servers behind the load balancer cloud.

- Distribute load across multiple datacenters around the world.

Each API account can be customized, but by default the API communicates over HTTPS with a LetsEncrypt certificate and uses GnuPG and other well tested cryptographic software. The libraries are kept up to date with routine patches and hardening reviews. If you can't risk LetsEncrypt using OCSP stapling data, even though they don't profile people or keep the data for very long, we can solve for that as well if needed.

Alerting and Monitoring for the EaaS API and Transfer Portal is an additional product that can include text message or email alerts to activity on your EaaS API as well as other custom reports and alerts.

Contact Careful Data via email to learn more and get started.

Who is Careful Data?

My name is Keegan Bowen, and I am committed to ethical data management, privacy rights, the open source community, information security, and trying to make the world a better place. I drop as much of the cost to you as I can and only charge the minimum needed to keep the systems running for your situation. With deep systems administration experience and a passion for doing the right thing, Careful Data is ready to help you.

Establish reliable control of your data.

Use Cases

Protect personal or business data from disasters.

Backup or store secrets, passwords, or important files with comprehensive privacy measures. Easily recover critical files from natural disasters or hardware failures at home or office.

Deliver sensitive documents with confidence.

Empower yourself with secure transmissions for any personal or business need. Know that your data is transported to your client or vendor with care.

EaaS API as a private PKI solution.

The EaaS API can be used for ready-to-run and 100% customizable private platform for certificates and keys. We can work together to create an API based PKI that meets your business objectives. Store the generated files on a Transfer Portal, or have them be only ephemeral in the EaaS API.

Application integration and middleware.

Integrate systems together for encrypted data storage with Transfer Portals and scale out with Dedicated Load Balancer Cloud that can route traffic to and from any system you desire.

Transfer data from stores to your office system.

Send business data from your stores to a Transfer Portal that can be accessed from the business office.

Store your password db on top security servers.

Store your sensitive data, keys, or passwords in a Transfer Portal. Upgrade to a Custom Compliance Transfer Portal and get world class secure data storage customized for your situation. Use the EaaS API to encrypt them at rest if you like, perhaps in layers of encryption with different libraries if you need that level of protection.

There are endless business integration and security opportunities with EaaS API and Transfer Portal accounts. They are build on custom virtual servers and URLs just for you, and after some work to get set up, you will have a way of offloading encryption work to an experienced professional and dedicated virtual servers storing data you and your people send into the account EaaS API or SFTP.

Adding Custom Work to an EaaS API can turn it into something totally new based on your needs.

No business is too small or large, each situation will be evaluated and requirements agreed upon before an account is opened.

But why would an individual use an EaaS API and Tranfer Portal account?

Anyone who needs to protect data on the fly can with an EaaS API and Transfer Portal account. The Standalone Transfer Portal service is a low cost service that is a dedicated server but there is no EaaS API on it. The files and data are kept on the Transfer Portal for an agreed upon duration and backend jobs can be run such as encryption or old file removal. Use the Transfer Portal to communicate with friends, family, or co-workers using strong privacy and security measures while avoiding unwanted tracking and vulnerable messaging apps or insecure transmissions. Store backups of important documents or passwords for personal or business continuity.

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You can download and use the PGP key below to encrypt files for only Careful Data to decrypt.

If you need help using it, just ask. Download PGP Key Here